From Cathy:
"Hi everyone on the Abbeyfield Board and volunteers,
Thanks so much for all you have done for my Mom and for the residents of Abbeyfield. We were so blessed that she died in her little home and I was by her side. She did not want to move to other residential care and we were
not looking forward to that for sure. She died in her own bed and we are so thankful.

Ed and I have been honoured to be volunteers for Abbeyfield for 4yrs and we had so many good times there with Mom and all the staff, residents and volunteers.


"I echo Cathy's comments about how wonderful it was that Sheila had Abbeyfield House as her home for more than three years. She often told us how much she enjoyed the House, the staff and her fellow residents."

 Margaret & Peter Jackson (Saltspring Island, BC):

Many, many thanks to you all for making us so welcome during our stay last week. You made it so much more pleasant for us and we feel we have made new friends in all of you!


From George Roberts, Current Resident as at November, 2017

It's amazing what moving into an Abbeyfield House can do!  Take me for example.  I moved from a high-priced manor in the "boonies" to this Abbeyfield House St. Peters in Victoria, BC.

The next thing I knew I was involved writing new Limericks to add to my collection of poetry that was gathering dust.

In March, 2017, the book:  "For Better or Verse"; a collection of 175 Limericks was published by Friesen Press with the net proceeds being donated to Plan International!

During the publication process, I also wrote 200 more limericks.

Plus a 12 chapter autobiography, both now are gathering dust.

As my life has been spent in the genre of music, it was no surprise that music and poetry go together.

If you are interested in acquiring this book, the less fortunate children of the world will benefit from your participation.

The following options are available:  Email: or Telephone (778) 265-6828 or Snail Mail:  #12-1133 Reynolds Road, Victoria, BC V8P2K5.

The cost is $15 plus $3.10 postage - mailed anywhere in Canada.

My name is George R. Roberts and thanks for caring.